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Self-Service Contact Center Solutions

Automated contact center solutions enable you to provide efficient customer service without increasing payroll. Through touch-tone or speech-enabled applications from Alcatel-Lucent, customers can complete service requests without speaking to an agent. With our customer self-service solutions, callers enjoy the flexibility and convenience of interactive applications 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This enhances your enterprise's service capability and optimizes user satisfaction, helping to increase revenues and build stronger customer relationships.


  • Improved caller experience and reduced client frustration thanks to immediate service
  • Reduced costs as a result of minimal training requirements for contact center agents
  • Simple installation and easy integration into existing contact center systems


  • Speech recognition and voice identification: benefit from speech recognition and voice identification technology.
  • Visual interface: provide agents with easy-to-use interface.
  • Interactive voice response systems: direct calls and reduce waiting times.
  • Identification of high-value customers: ensure automatic transfer to an agent for personalized service.

Featured product: OmniTouch 4625 CCIVR


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