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Your network must be monitored 24x7, year-round. However, doing it "in-house" requires a major commitment of staff, infrastructure and time. agape enterprise has the resources and skills to manage all of your networking requirements for you at a more favourable price compared to your investment on resources.

Every commissioned project is a start of a comprehensive customer care programme with maintenance contracts tailored to suit individualised requirements. This acts as a guarantee of competitive response for both major and minor incidents.

We currently have a total of 14 Extended Warranty Support Services Packages for our varied clientele:

  • DIAGNOSEbasic
  • DIAGNOSEadvance
  • MANAGEeasy
  • MANAGEadvance
  • SUPPORTessential
  • SUPPORTultimate
  • SUPPORTflexi8
  • SUPPORTflexi24
  • REPLACEsupreme
  • DIAGNOSEout-station
  • DIAGNOSEessential
  • DIAGNOSEultimate
  • SUPPORTremote

Aside from our direct customers, we also provide Support Services to our Business Partners located locally or in other territories. As such, these 14 Extended Warranty Support Services Packages allows our clients to ‘mix-and-match’ according to their requirement.

Should the14 Extended Warranty Support Services Packages do not fit into your requirement, we can always tailor-make one for you! We accord flexibility at our end as we believe our clientele will always have varied needs.

In addition, our round-the-clock Customer Care Contact Center operates to ensure that all fault enquiries are received and dealt with promptly. Our ‘Emergency Escalation Procedure’ also provides additional support from our technology partners.


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