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Advanced Contact Center Solution

The Alcatel-Lucent vision of the Dynamic Contact Center puts communication at the heart of your enterprise. Drawing on the latest Genesys technology, our advanced contact center unlocks the full potential of traditional contact center capabilities, such as routing and monitoring, by integrating them into your business processes. Our solution also connects distributed knowledge and helps your business to adapt to your customers� lifestyle to deliver an even better user experience. With the integration of our performance management suite, you ensure you meet voice and data SLAs (Service Level Agreements) commitments across the contact center. The result: your enterprise optimizes its resources and operations and increases returns on a variety of business investments.


  • Increased customer satisfaction: intelligent routing means callers are directed to the agents who dealt with them most recently, while agents benefit from easy access to back-office experts.
  • Resource optimization: facilitate collaboration between contact center agents and skilled back-office experts throughout your organization.
  • Improved interaction: coordinated management of multimedia and self-service channels.
  • Insight: accurate, in-depth reporting of contact center operations.


  • Routing Services Intelligence (RSI): enable advanced call direction capabilities.
  • Branch, remote and expert integration: send calls to specialized agents in a range of locations.
  • Business process routing: incorporate forms, faxes and applications into the contact center.
  • Management: simplify management and increase visibility of caller-agent activity. Benefit from a global view of your network performance, including voice quality measurement and analysis, and system load and trends monitoring.

Featured product: OmniGenesys Contact Center


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